American Resources to Help with Medical Bills, including Medical Fundraising Ideas

Where can low income earners get assistance with medical bills?

Where can low income earners get assistance with medical bills?

It is a known fact that health insurance is not an inexpensive purchase. The cost of many different medical services tend to increase day by day and the benefits offered by programs targeted to give assistance with medical bills such as the Obamacare or PPACA (Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act) have helped in increasing the cost of these medical plans dramatically.

Even with all the new kind of measures that have been put in place to help keep a proper check, it has become quite difficult to find a low cost health insurance program. However there are different kinds of health insurance programs for the low income earners which are affordable as well as comprehensive enough to help provide them with proper coverage to the required medical services.

5 places to get assistance with medical bills

Government Assistance

Government programs like Medicare and Medicaid have policies to assist low income individuals help cope with medical expenses. Even though every state has different criteria for eligibility as well as the services covered, these federal savings programs should be the first options to deal with extravagant medical costs. And while Medicare guarantees health insurance access to individuals aged 65 and over, younger patients with disabilities can also avail these services.

HRSA- The Health Resources and Services Administration

This is a government agency that can offer affordable healthcare options by locating health centers that cater to low income earners. Some of these may provide primary medical and dental care to patients regardless of whether they have insurance or not. Others can assist with finding free or cost reduced sources of health care for people who may be otherwise unable to pay. More information is available on their website.

The Health Insurance Exchange

The “Health Insurance Exchanges” is a great opportunity for low income earners to obtain some good health insurances. Through these exchanges, families, individuals or small business will also be able to compare many of the prescription and medical drug plans as well as the premium side by side.

This option is not only a convenient way to help low income earners purchase a good health insurance plan but these low income earners would also be able to receive the right kind of help in paying up for the premiums as well. If a person’s income is less than 4 times the poverty level then that specific individual will be eligible for a tax credit that may help them in offsetting the cost of their insurance plan. The online health insurance exchange enrollment website can help people in determining if they are rightly eligible for this option.


PeoplePledge is a medical fundraising platform in the US that helps individuals raise funds directly from family and friends online. Dealing with medical expenses by fundraising is a quick and effective way to lower the financial burden. Medical fundraising can bring friends, family and even strangers together for a common cause.

While traditional fundraising is one way to go, online fundraising has now become the easiest and quickest way to raise money for overwhelming medical bills. This is an option for families and individuals who are looking for assistance with medical bills but would like to get donations instantly rather than filing paper work and wait for programs to approve funding.

Charity Care

Charity care assistance programs provide health care services at reduced prices for low income individuals or others who may be ineligible for health insurance coverage. Such programs can be affiliated with certain hospitals and medical centres such as University of Rochester where low income individuals can apply for financial assistance.

These programs usually cover primary and some specialty care and prescriptions and is a standard for of assistance with medical bills. An important consideration for applicants is that documentation might be required to prove their inability to pay medical bills.


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