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IVF Financial Assistance

IVF Financial Assistance

A diagnosis of infertility is heartbreaking for many couples who look forward to starting a family. IVF, also known as In vitro fertilization gives couples the opportunity to stat a family, but finding the means to pay for IVF treatment can be equally complicated. IVF financial assistance options can be helpful but are limited in the United States.

How Much Does IVF Cost?

The cost for an IVF treatment can add quite quickly as a single cycle can cost a patient anywhere from $10000 to $25000 all depending on what type of IVF technology is being used. On average a couple may end up spending about $19000 in out of the pocket expenses on IVF treatment.

The cost of a single cycle may cost them up to $7000 and for many the treatment may need up to 3 cycles. There are no guarantees that IVF treatment will work for you and this is something that many couples need to understand before starting IVF.

10 Ideas to get IVF Financial Assistance

However, couples who think that they cannot afford the infertility treatment payments have a few different IVF financial aid options to consider. There are a number of organizations offering both private and government funded services that can assist with offering infertility treatment financial assistance for couples who qualify for the IVF treatment.

Some helpful practices that can facilitate searching for IVF financial assistance includes the following 10 ideas:

1. Research and Look around

Before deciding to go for an IVF treatment from a specific clinic there is no harm in looking around at what other clinics may have to offer. It is important to keep in mind that the prices for IVF treatment can very easily vary from clinic to clinic. However, this does not imply that couples go to the cheapest one, as it is also equally important to look at the clinic’s success rate as well.

If a couple does like a clinic which isn’t cheap, there is no harm is asking them for a discount program. Most of the clinics that are eligible for financial assistance, also provide a discounted program.

2. Medical fundraising

One of the most common ways to gain medical financial assistance for IVF treatment is by setting up an online fundraiser. Knowing that how fast the medical expenses may add up during the IVF treatment, many different families who are not capable of affording the treatment on their own have opted to use such fundraising platforms. Couples can hope to raise funds for themselves or for families who are going for the IVF treatment using platforms like PeoplePledge.

This fundraising platform can assist couples who may be struggling to pay medical expenses either due to a lack of money or increased medical costs.

3. Health care insurance

For couples who have health care insurance benefits such as medical insurance, a good option would be to look for any kind of financial assistance from them. Do keep in mind that there are certain insurance companies who do not support any assistance for infertility treatments. However, there are others who do offer health insurance plans that can cater some kind of coverage to the IVF treatment.

Health insurance specifics should be clearly outlined so that couples know exactly the extent of their IVF treatment coverage and how much might be expected as out of pocket expenses. This can help in determining the cost that is based on the clinic’s standard charges with those that are calculated as extras, as not all of the extra expenses will be covered by health insurance.

4. Egg Sharing

Another IVF financial aid option that couples can look into is egg sharing. There are many fertility clinics that offer discount or a free IVF cycle treatment to those women who would be willing to donate their remaining eggs that are not being used during the IVF cycle. However, there are some specific criteria that have to be met such as being below 35 year of age.

5. Getting an IVF loan

There are also many different companies that provide loans to couples who are specifically in need of IVF financial assistance. Couples can go to Capital One who specifically has a loan program for IVF and many other fertility treatments. Some other options that couples can look into which offer IVF loans are Care Credit or ARC Fertility Programs.

6. IVF Refund programs

There are also many IVF centers that are open to offering clients a refund program. A refund program is one in which if the IVF treatment is unsuccessful and some portion of the money will be refunded back. Such programs are specially designed to help couples avoid any kind of financial loss if the IVF procedure is unsuccessful.

7. Using the option of IVF as a tax deduction

One great option that most couple opted to use is deducting the cost for IVF treatment from their taxes. If any kind of expense total is over 7.5% of the adjusted gross income, then charges of dental or other medical issues including IVF treatment can be itemized on their tax returns.

8. IVF grants

Couples who cannot afford an IVF treatment on their own can also look for a grant program. There are a lot of different non-profit organizations available that help in raising money to offer financial assistance for IVF patients.

These types of grants are available to only the eligible couples. Though it can be quite tiresome filling in the application, it is one of those options that should not be left unturned. Since the amount raised by these organizations may not be enough for every couple that is looking for financial assistance for their IVF treatment, getting approval can be a prolonged and time consuming effort.

9. IVF tourism

Another option many couples are looking for these days is to get IVF treatment from other countries. There are many different countries such as South Africa, India or Ukraine that offer IVF treatment at extremely low cost, mostly depending on many different factors such as their local economy.

One way to search for different IVF treatment programs offered by other countries is by visiting their websites online. But thorough research is needed when looking for the best treatment plan, also offering the best cost and checking on their success rates. It is also good to get references and get in contact with other patients who have had success. The process of finding IVF treatment overseas can be time consuming and unsafe.

Be sure to double check your research, speak to local health professionals for advice and recommendations as well as complete thorough assignment of the IVF facility before paying or spending money as there may be risk of fraud and scams.

10. Using the much cheaper methods of IVF

Another easy way to get financial assistance for an IVF treatment is to search for any less expensive methods of the treatment commonly known as “natural cycle IVF”. To help in lowering the cost of natural IVF gets assistance from the doctor asking him of the different options of natural IVF cycle or even about the unstimulated cycle. Natural cycle IVF could be a good alternative if you are experiencing difficulties accessing IVF financial assistance.