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How to get Northside Hospital financial assistance

How to get Northside Hospital financial assistance

If you are a patient at Northside hospital in Florida and are in need of financial assistance, there are options for assistance that you can tap into. A lot of help is offered by Northside Hospital regarding their Northside Hospital financial assistance programs for patients who do not have or cannot afford any kind of healthcare insurance and are in need of non-elective or emergent services from Northside Hospital. These financial assistance options are geared to cater full or partial financial help for patients who may be uninsured, underinsured or even medically indigent.

How to get Northside Hospital financial assistance:

Getting Northside Hospital financial assistance only applies to current patients who are unable to meet their deadlines and pay their medical bills. In order to familiarize yourself with the Northside Hospital policies and programs, patients will need to understand the 5 ways to get financial assistance for medical expenses. Here are the 5 ways below:

The Financial Counselor

To start off, a patient at Northside Hospital who is in need of financial assistance regarding their treatment at the hospital would be recommended to a financial counselor. The financial counselor will then evaluate the patient’s eligibility for the different kinds of both local as well as state programs; they also will look into the patient’s eligibility with Medicaid and County assistance.

Northside Hospital Charity Discount Policy

Northside Hospital also includes a charity discount policy for those patients who are not eligible for Medicaid and whose income is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. This charity discount policy that is offered by Northside Hospital aim is to provide free hospital services and care for those patients who have opted to receive non elective care.

In order for a patient to qualify for this program they will first need to complete a Financial Assistance Application, while at the same time would also need to provide some kind of documented proof to support their statement regarding their low income.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Another financial assistance option that is offered by Northside Hospital for its patients is to choose any other financial assistance program that may best suits their needs such as Obamacare. This will let the patient compare different kinds of health insurance plans and prices simultaneously, therefore letting the patient choose the best plan that is most suitable to their condition. This means choosing a plan that is not only supports their needs but at the same time will also be within their budget.

The Uninsured Discount Policy

For those patients who do not meet all of the requirements to be eligible for the Charity Discount Policy that is offered by Northside Hospital to its patients will then need to pay for the services that the hospital has to offer from their own pockets. For such patients Northside Hospital offers them with managed care like a discount policy.

All of the uninsured patients will then be given an Uninsured Discount. This option is excluded for certain kinds of packages procedures such as cosmetic procedures.

The Monthly Payment Option

For those patients who require making regular visits to their physician’s office at Northside Hospital are expected to pay at the time of the service being provided. For those patients at Northside Hospital who are not eligible for either Medicaid or any other form of charity program while at the same time are unable to pay for their entire medical hospital bill will be provided with an option to set up a monthly payment procedure.

After a patient receives his or her services at Northside Hospital and need to pay their dues, will then be informed about their upcoming payment that they still need to pay. These payments can be processed by major credit cards, money orders, checks and cash.

Further assistance can be given through setting up an online fundraiser for free with PeoplePledge. Although PeoplePledge is not affiliated with the Northside Hospital, many patients across the United States have used this service in order to crowdsource donations and supports from family and friends. This is a great alternative if you are unable to get Northside Hospital financial assistance, or if the assistance is not enough.


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