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Cerebral Palsy Financial Assistance

Cerebral Palsy Financial Assistance

Cerebral palsy financial assistance is essential for families with a loved one living with cerebral palsy. This is because the cost burden for cerebral palsy for a patient or their family can be quite expensive to bear. Loved ones diagnosed with cerebral palsy will have long term financial costs. The average expense for a person living with cerebral palsy is estimated at approximately $ 921,000 in a lifetime. In most of the cases, this is an astoundingly unrealistic amount and individuals need to look for ways for financing their situation.

Some of the most common types of medical expenses which are associated with cerebral palsy can include visits to the doctor, cost of hospitalization as well as the cost of medication. Another expense incurred can involve the cost of surgery as well as that of rehabilitation.

Patients are also likely to need some kind of counselling including psychological counselling and will also to take into account the cost of different devices needed during and after the treatment.

In addition, some of the non-medical costs that are associated with cerebral palsy may include the cost on home modification, vehicle modification as well as the cost of the special education that may be needed for the child suffering from cerebral palsy. There may also be other modifications that may be needed to help make the patient’s life become easier.

Keep in mind that these non-medical cost may be some of those expenses that a family usually may not be able handle by themselves.

4 ways of Getting Cerebral Palsy Financial Assistance

Individuals who have to raise a child or a loved one suffering from cerebral palsy should be well informed that there are a lot of different compensations available to help them with the huge cost of cerebral palsy. An important consideration to keep in mind is that the cost for cereal palsy will continue throughout the life period of the patient.

Among these payments, one of the most primary costs for cerebral palsy are the medical expenses. Some options available for financial assistance include the following:

1. Financial Assistance by the Government

To start off, receiving cerebral palsy financial assistance from the government allows the affected families or individuals meet their basic daily needs such as water, food or shelter. These financial assistance programs introduced by the government may come in various forms with some in forms of temporary funding for cerebral palsy patients while there are others which may be able to provide long term financial support.

However not everyone is able to qualify for such financial assistance by the government. Most of the time it is the low income families who are eligible for such programs or those who do not have the ability to work at all.
Some of the financial assistance provided by the government for individuals suffering from cerebral palsy include:

A. Supplement Security Income (SSI)

One of the most popular financial income programs introduced by the government for individuals suffering from cerebral palsy is the Supplemental Security Income also known as SSI. It is especially beneficial to those young people suffering from cerebral palsy who start to work at a job but the pay is not enough to help them maintain their quality of life. The Supplemental Security Income works to financially assist them to get back on track.

The Supplemental Security Income in a government based financial assistance program is designed to provide people suffering from various disabilities such as cerebral palsy with a steady flow of income under the guidelines set by the Social Security Administration.

B. The Social Security Disability Insurance

Another government financial assistance program is the Social Security Disability Insurance program. This program is especially designed to help those individuals who are suffering from a disability such as cerebral palsy and are not able to meet their daily expenses due to having a low income job or not being able to work at all given their disability.

This is a government based financial assistance program that is primarily funded by payroll taxes.
But those individuals who are planning to apply for this financial assistance program should keep in mind that even though the condition of the individual suffering from cerebral palsy may be visible, the process of getting approved for the benefits of this program may take quite some time.

C. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program

TANF short for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program is a financial assistance program for those parents who have children suffering from cerebral palsy. The target of this program is to financially help low income families by not only temporarily providing financial aid to families but also providing job training and other related services.

This program is also a government based financial assistance program which is funded by the federal government.

2. Funding For Cerebral Palsy Individuals

Besides the fact that one can get financial help from the government there are also a lot of other different ways to raise money for the individuals suffering from cerebral palsy. One such way to get fast and easy financial assistance is through organizing different kinds of charities and fundraising services online.

There are a lot of different non-profit organizations that will gladly help individuals who are raising funds for themselves or a family member who is suffering from cerebral palsy. But before applying for any such program it should be kept in mind that all of these programs have their own requirements to get approved for. Therefore it is beneficial to get your documents straight prior to application.

3. Getting Help From Your Community or Family

You might be surprised that there are a lot of different people within your own community who would be willing to financially help you upon finding out that you have a child suffering from cerebral palsy. Therefore there is no harm in asking for financial help from friend, family or your local community. Personal donations and contributions can really be a big help when you are facing a financial crisis while bringing up a child suffering from cerebral palsy.

There are a lot of different ways that you may receive financial help, you can simply ask a family member to assist you, ask a friend or you can go to your local community service center to ask for assistance. All you would need to do is take the first step, the rest will easily be handled by others who would assist you financially where needed.

4. Non-Profit Cerebral Palsy Financial Assistance

Another way to find financial assistance for cerebral palsy could be through non-profit organizations in the United States. Generally speaking, non-profit organizations can provide not only financial assistance, but also programs and resources to help improve the lifestyle of you and your loved one with cerebral palsy. By participating in programs and tapping into available resources, families can reduce some of the medical expenses and non-medical expenses associated with cerebral palsy.

Remember that families can seek help from not only cerebral palsy specific organizations but also disability organizations. Here are 3 non-profit organizations that may be able to provide assistance:

MORGAN Project: Although the MORGAN Project is not specifically for children with cerebral palsy, parents can still seek assistance from this organization. Founded by Robert and Kristen Malfara who originally created the organization in honor of their son Morgan, the MORGAN Project aims to support families with children who have special needs. Parents can receive support, guidance, resources as well as access to disability equipment.

Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association (CHASA): Children’s Hemiplegia and Stroke Association also known as CHASA, is an American charity that is dedicated to helping parents with a child or children with cerebral palsy. CHASA proves financial assistance as well as scholarships to help in accessing special educational programs and treatment.

UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF): The UHCCF provides one off grants of $5000 each year to families with a child that has cerebral palsy. This grant is given per child, where a parent will require to apply and provide the required documents as proof of their child’s condition and their financial situation.

Getting help with cerebral palsy financial assistance can be an overwhelming process. However, there was many ways for parents to seek financial support and the most popular options are outlined above to help families access financial assistance. For more information on any of these options, please contact the organization or government department directly.


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