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7 Proven Ways to Access Brain Tumor Financial Assistance

7 Proven Ways to Access Brain Tumor Financial Assistance

Even though some support is provided by federal programs such as ADA, FMLA and SSDI, there is still a lot more needed to cover the expenses involved for brain tumor patients and their families. Accessing brain tumor financial assistance programs can help minimize the ongoing healthcare costs for you and your family.

Brain tumor is a chronic condition that can have a very heavy toll on both the patient as well as their family, and severely impact all emotional, physical and financial aspects of life. Even with some of the best kind of insurance plans, the expenses incurred can lead to some big medical bills and other related costs such as housing, traveling and utilities.

For those people who are diagnosed with brain tumor but cannot afford the treatment, there some helpful medical and financial assistance programs that can assist them with these issues making their stressful life a bit less complicated.

Below mentioned are a few of the general brain tumor financial assistance programs that may be useful for those patients suffering from brain tumor who are financially unable to afford the treatment:

7 Brain Tumor Financial Assistance Options

1. The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund (BMCF)

Is a program for tumor cancer patients that tends to support patients who are between the ages of 18 to 40 years. This program provides services to such patients to help them meet the daily needs that are typically not covered by any insurance company. The average grant is about $500 worth of medical payments, mortgages and rent, transportation cost, repairs, groceries and car insurances, while providing other services that can help young patients to meetup with their daily needs.

2. Cancer care

Cancer such is another service provider that can assist brain tumor patients. Patients can get in touch with representatives at Cancer Care who can provide their clients with telephonic, online or face to face counseling, education, support groups as well as financial assistance. The professional oncology social workers tend to offer patients registered with Cancer Care with personalized care services at no charge.

3. Friends of Man

This is an all-volunteer charity help program that helps people suffering from tumor cancer diseases by providing them with both the basic as well as the required special needs? They assists tumor cancer patients with wheelchairs, tumor cancer related medical equipment, mobility equipment, and basic needs such as providing clothes and food for the patients and much more.

4. Fifth Season Financial

Offers an assistance program known as “loans for living” that is specifically designed to assist cancer patients who are in need of any kind of financial assistance. The main focus of this program is to provide cancer patients with the access to immediate cash by letting them borrow out money against the face value of their life insurance policy. With this financial assistance program the patient can then focus on what matters most to him, his health, family and life.
They tend to work with cancer patients who are diagnosed with an aggressive stage cancer. They assist patients by providing care for the cancer patients with their extremely passionate and knowledgeable professional team, while at the same time provide all the possible financial help they can provide for the patients.

Fifth Season Financial’s main goal is to provide relief for patients suffering with the advanced stages of cancer

5. Lazarex Cancer Foundation

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation is a program that helps in providing resources for patients suffering from cancer such as brain tumor, especially those patients who have been told so that there is nothing that can be done for them.
At Lazarex Cancer Foundation they assist cancer patients by:

• Assists patients of all ages to battle against their cancer disease.

• Help patients by letting them take advantages of medical breakthrough which happen right there and then.

• Provide patients with the required financial assistance that they may need to carry on with their cancer treatment.

• They present patients with different clinical trials as an alternative to the hospital care when a hospital has given up on them.

• Helps in improving the cancer survival rates by early detections and screenings.

6. Macmillan Cancer Support

This cancer support group tends to help cancer affect patients by providing them with the financial assistance that they require for their brain tumor or any other cancer related disease. They provide patients with all practical support they might need at home to giving them a lift to the hospital, fund nurses and other kinds of health care professionals, provide the proper guidance that a cancer patient may require and provide financial assistance to help cancer patients cope with the extra cost that they might need to face that cancer can bring upon them and provides grants for their daily needs from bills to travelling cost.

7. Mission 4 Maureen

The main target of Mission 4 Maureen is to provide brain tumor financial assistance to those families who have the burden to take care of a loved one who may be suffering from brain cancer. They provide financial aid regarding the medical bills, as well as assisting with child care, rent and repair of the patients home, different kinds of utility bills, cost on the transportation, the required medications needed for the treatment and any other areas where the family may need any assistance regarding the patient’s tumor treatment.


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