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5 proven ways to raise money for kids with disabilities

5 proven ways to raise money for kids with disabilities

According to a research carried out there are about 6 million kids in the US that are suffering from one or another form of disability which may include cognitive, physical, medical disabilities, or even something that may result in a life threatening illness.

For the most part, families of these kids also suffer equally in other mental or physical forms regarding dealing with the condition and with financial problems when trying to secure the means of funding.

However, there are a number of ways to help raise money to help both the disabled children and their families. And it should be kept in mind that fundraising for kids with disabilities can be done almost anywhere, at work or from home single handed or with a group of individuals. Below mentioned are five ways to help raise money for disabled kids:

5 ways to help raise money for kids with disabilities

1. Raising funds online

One of the easiest and quickest ways to raise money nowadays is online. An individual can proceed by starting their own online fundraising blog or website through the assistance of many assistance program websites. This will not only advertise the fund raising purpose for disabled kids to a small limited community but also reach out on a global level. It is an ideal platform to access a larger number or donors who may be willing to provide financial assistance for disabled children.

Another great online option is to post on online social media through Facebook or Twitter.

2. Organizing a charity function

Another popular method to raise money for disabled kids is by organizing charitable events by inviting some of the top level donors to the cause. Such fundraising events provides an opportunity to give out relevant information and updates to the audience regarding the charity.

This method is quite popular because in many such events, a number of celebrities who are willing to donate to the cause may be invited. Their presence is beneficial in advocating the particular charity as well as the cause.

3. Have a garage sale or a bake sale in the neighbourhood

While charity events are a big funding project, individuals can also organize other events on a more personal level for kids with disabilities. Ideas include organizing a garage sale or bake sale inviting friends, family and neighbors to participate in the event.

Further assistance may be sought by asking friends and family members to sell out their personal items that are not in use anymore or by contributing baked goods to help raise money for the disabled child.

4. Starting your own fundraising group for disabled children

Individuals or a group of people can always start their own fundraising group for disabled children within the community. It is helpful to get friends and family involved in the group who may then further advertise the goals and aims of the fundraising group to other individuals within their own social circles.

Having a child and their family who is suffering from disabilities to join the group can strengthen the impetus for fundraising. Including such members in the group, who have gone through the struggle of the financial issues associated with disabled children, can personalize the experience for other group members.

5. Organizing auctions and raffles

Since there are a lot of expenses linked with taking care of kids with disabilities, funds can never be enough. Another idea to generate money for meeting medical and other costs is to ask friends, family or local businesses to donate stuff that can later be sold on auctions to help raise money for disabled children.