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3 ways to pay for Lyme disease treatment

3 ways to pay for Lyme disease treatment

If you or one of your family members are dealing with Lyme disease and find it financially strapping, there are ways by which you may seek help. This article discusses 3 ways to receive financial assistance; non-profits organizations, drug assistance programs, and medical fundraising represent useful ways to overcoming treatment challenges imposed by cost.

1) Non-profit organizations

Clinic of angels is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Micheal Cichon to alleviate the conditions of chronically ill patients by providing financial assistance. People with Lyme disease are offered financial assistance towards treatment; patient with low income, limited assets and accessibility to other resources are considered for assistance.

Lyme-TAP is a non-profit organization that provides reimbursement for initial lab tests for Lyme and co-infections; in addition, it offers assistance towards the cost of CD-57 test. Typically, 75% of the test cost is reimbursed or given as a prepayment (check payable to the testing lab).

Lyme Disease United Coalition provides financial help to patients who cannot afford treatment.

LymeAid 4 Kids offers up to $1,000 towards diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease to patients less than 21 years of age and without insurance coverage for Lyme disease.

2) Drug programs

Partnership for prescription assistance ( helps eligible patients receive prescription drugs at a reduced cost or for free. It will help you find a program that suits you the best at no cost.

Needy Meds ( has a comprehensive list of drug programs offered by various pharmaceutical companies for patients who cannot afford medication cost. Each program has varying financial and insurance guidelines; it is therefore, recommended that you check the program details to see if you can avail assistance.

Patient Advocate Foundation (Co-Pay Relief; provides financial assistance towards drug costs even to insured patients, including Medicare part D beneficiaries.

Prescription Hope ( provides assistance to uninsured and underinsured patients in obtaining prescription drugs at reduced cost directly from the manufacturer.

RxAssist ( has a comprehensive database of patient assistance programs; it provides information about free and low cost medicine programs and other ways to manage your medication costs.

RxHope ( offers information about various drug/patient assistance programs.

3) Medical Fundraising

In addition to the aforementioned ways, you may seek help towards treatment cost by an emerging medium termed online medical fundraising. It involves asking friends and family for help through a fundraising Web site. There are both non-profit and for-profit medical fundraising sites.

Some websites do not charge any fee towards the donations you receive like PeoplePledge, whilst other fundraising sites may charge you a small fee or percentage of the amount you raise. However, the mechanism by which both works is common.

Firstly, you need to set up a fundraising page that describes your disease/health condition and your need for financial assistance. Secondly, you need to set a fundraising goal (how much money you would want to raise). You can set up fundraising to seek assistance towards your own illness or can set it up for a loved one. You may send in a thank you note personally to each one of them for their generous donation. It is a way of expressing your gratitude; in addition, it may help them share the word with others.


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